Tackling crime in Bayswater together

We have seen crime rise in the local area and are working with the police to tackle it, especially the surge in burglaries we’ve seen recently in the ward. We have some good news to share. During a recent break-in, a local neighbourhood watch member spotted the intruders in the house and called the police, who arrived promptly and after a short chase arrested the two suspects. We are hopeful that we will see a fall in crime locally with this successful action.

We’re pledging to rejuvenate the local neighbourhood watches across the ward and ensure that police are visible and engaged with the community. We are continuing to fight the Mayor’s plans to combine the Westminster Police force with neighbouring boroughs, which we believe will reduce response times and resources.

Are you leading your local neighbourhood watch? We’re working to encourage better coordination between the different groups, which will help the police do their job. Please get in touch with Adrian.Chapman@met.pnn.police.uk if you’d like to set up a neighbourhood watch in your street or block of flats.