Traffic management proposals for Little Venice

We have had a number of requests from residents who have had difficulties with cars blocking the entrances to their properties. The particular roads only had single yellow lines at these points that do not prevent parking in those locations outside the controlled parking times. This caused a number of issues in the evenings and at weekends when such restrictions do not apply. We have also responded to safety issues at a junction where cars were parking and preventing a good sightline for cars and pedestrians.

Your local councillors have recognised the importance of these issues and arranged for proposals to be brought forward to have double yellow lines introduced into these locations. The areas in question are:

  • the entrance to Stuart Tower on Lanark Road
  • the entrance to John Aird Court on Howley Place
  • the entrances to Gilpin Close and Hogan Mews on Porteus Road
  • stretch of Blomfield road between Maida Vale and Randolph Avenue

Additionally, at the junction of Porteus Road and St Marys Terrace, double yellow lines will also be put in to ensure that cars do not park at that junction which is close to a school and two nurseries.

Cllr Melvyn Caplan commented ”the safety of residents and enabling residents to access their properties are very important issues for the community and we are committed to doing everything we can to support local residents when these issues arise”.