Tube Noise in BDS

In the last three years, a number of our residents have endured a significant rise in noise and vibration from the Tube.

Tony Devenish, our local Conservative Assembly Member, successfully lobbied the Mayor and Deputy Mayor on noise-pollution. We’re pleased to record that TfL has since carried out rail-grinding to remove corrugation (ridges or grooves on the rail surface that can increase noise). If you’re still affected, complaints can be made to TfL by phoning 0343 222 1234 or online here.

TfL state “If you report noise at your property, an engineer will contact you about taking measurements. The noise-level will be monitored over a period of time, usually no longer than an hour. The monitoring-results tell us the level, character and source of the disturbing noise. In areas where there are a cluster of complaints, we can identify the source by monitoring in just one or two properties. Based on the source of the noise, we'll decide if any practical steps we take can reduce it.”

Kevin Lee, Chairman of the North Marylebone Traffic Group, also champions the local Tube Noise Action Group. He has pulled together plenty of helpful resources, and can be contacted by email for guidance.