Two-Way Baker Street - Ongoing Monitoring

The Council will be undertaking the final traffic surveys that form part of the post-implementation monitoring strategy. Results from these surveys will then be analysed alongside the other survey data that has been collated since the switch to two-way operation.

Altogether the commissioned survey-work consists of:

• Classified Turning Counts at 34 junctions to ascertain vehicle mix (York Street is included)

• Pedestrian Crossing Counts at 18 junctions to gauge crossing-demand (the George Street junctions with Baker Street and Gloucester Place are included, as are the two junctions with York Street)

• Pedestrian Link Counts, to identify the number of pedestrians using either one of the footways in 9 sections along Baker Street

• Automatic traffic counts at 20 locations to measure vehicle-speeds and numbers

• Journey-time surveys along 7 routes for both directions of travel. (These cover the major north-south and east-west routes in the area).

A comparison will be made with traffic-survey data that was collected before the works started in July 2017.

All construction, street-lighting and snagging works have now been completed.

Please raise any issues such as road maintenance, parking contravention or illegal vehicle movements, directly with the Council by clicking here.

Traffic signals: to report a problem with a traffic signal, please contact TfL here.