Update on Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN)

Your Councillors are constructively acting on residents’ concerns about air quality in Marylebone with interventions in the LEN. Ideas from which are being looked at across the Council. For example, the Council recently carried out a consultation to roll out the Diesel Surcharge across all of Westminster. 

Following the LEN Consultation, the focus is on the following:

  • Greening - planting new trees and trialling sustainable drainage systems (SUDs)
  • Improved walkability – junction improvements, buildouts
  • Improved cycle facilities 

The timescale for on ground delivery is from 14th January to July 2019. There will be some disruption, for long term gain, so please be patient and sign up for construction updates by clicking here.

We are putting up new Anti Idling signs on lamp columns at driver level over a wide area of Marylebone.

We have two dedicated Air Quality Marshalls engaging with drivers to switch off their engines.

We have achieved a 16% reduction in visitor diesel parking following the surcharge

Devonshire Place Mews - the banned No Right Turn - recent monitoring has shown the average vehicles/hour has reduced from 44 to 10

Please visit www.marylebonelen.org for details of the Urban Realm Projects.