Update on Rough Sleeping and antisocial behaviour near Westminster Cathedral

Our area attracts rough-sleepers, who are preyed on by drug dealers. Few rough sleepers have any local connection but most are persuaded to come in and get help; a small core though is embedded. Earlier this year we persuaded partners, including the Cathedral and businesses to enclose the Cathedral Piazza colonnades to stop antisocial behaviour.

Supported by your local Councillors, our police team have been working to arrest some of the higher-level dealers. Recently, there have a number of police successes, closing down properties being used as drug crime bases.

If you’re concerned about antisocial behaviour and serious criminality, then call 111 or 999 respectively. You can support our local police by logging issues you see on the Vincent Square police website. Your reports help local police build evidence trails and bid for extra resources.

Westminster Council leader Nickie Aiken has also recently launched the Hidden Network of Heroes scheme, highlighting the behind-the-scenes work of charities and social workers with rough sleepers. This is particularly aimed at commuters and businesses who still give to individuals on the street. Find out more on the Council's website.