Vincent Square Matters January 2017

New Homes on Thorney St

There are 67 new homes for local working people on Thorney street. “This is part of Westminster Conservatives commitment to build new housing and is in our Vincent Square community”, said Councillor David Harvey. “The homes have been built in association with Dolphin Living, a charity set up by Westminster’s Conservative Council to build affordable homes for working Westminster people”.

Bin it and Report It!

“Fly tipping is not common in Vincent square ward”, says Councillor Danny Chalkley, “but we are vigilant about litter on our streets – commercial rubbish, bags from private homes or dropped by tourists and pedestrians. Recently, the council has introduced potential fines of up to £400 for domestic rubbish left on the streets and £2500 for abandoned commercial rubbish”. You can use the council’s Report It app to tell us about on street rubbish, any need for extra street cleaning, or pollution, among lots of other local problems where we really value your help. Report it at Thank you to the massive majority of residents who put their rubbish in bins and recycle. One very recent problem has been a small epidemic of dog mess around Vincent square, which we are acting on, people need to take their pets poo with them or face the penalty.

Protecting Community Peace and Quiet – Planning and Licensing

“One of the primary roles of local Councillors is to preserve local amenity – peace and quiet in every sense”, says Councillor David Harvey. “This can clash with life in the City Centre, particularly when residents and businesses look to get permission for late night clubs and bars, obtrusive business rebuilds or home remodelling. Recently your Conservative Councillors worked with residents to stop the Slug and Lettuce Pub on Artillery Row being turned into 3am night club/casino. We are battling an application for smelly restaurant equipment at 75 Page Street, while we are also helping 2 residents – one to preserve his business from aggressive redevelopment and another to get a remodelled balcony that he and neighbours will all agree on. We are here to help good planning, not just to stop bad planning.

News in Brief – Highlights of Work Your Conservative Councillors do Every Day

Waitrose Bressenden Place – Your local Conservative Councillors pressed for a new supermarket in Victoria and we have result - Waitrose have opened on Bresenden Place.

20 MPH outside local schools – Vincent Square Conservative Councillor Danny Chalkley is looking to pilot 20mph zones on Morpeth Terrace and Ashley Place and outside Millbank Primary. Thanks for all the support from residents to date. If you have a view contact us.

Motor Bike Anchors – You asked for secure motor bike anchors in Ashley place and these have been installed. 

Housing – As usual we are helping local residents with every day housing issues, you can make an appointment for our surgery or get in touch to talk via

New Gym at the Queen Mother – the new refurbished gym with great new kit opened at Christmas, your Conservative Councilors secured £1.6 million new investment in the centre.

Ward budgets – recent grants have been to the local St Andrew’s youth club and for the family activities at Westminster Boating base. Looking for support for local voluntary work? Let us know and you could get help from a ward budget grant.

Rough Sleeping – new illegal drugs have made this a sad and difficult time with rough sleeping issues and we thank the police. Local charities like the Passage, involved residents and officers in the homelessness services for all their work. Rough sleeping is not illegal and general results from sadly broken lives, but it can also have horribly anti social consequences for residents and for rough sleepers themselves. You can go to Street Link to report rough sleeping issues and can get an app for your phone. Plans are being finalised to enclose the Cathedral Piazza colonnades to deter  rough sleeping there; the Council’s focus is to help people inside and back to normal life and on stopping anti social behaviour. 

More Charging Points as Greener City Action Plan Aims to Improve Westminster’s Air Quality

This January 60 on-street electric vehicle charging points will be upgraded and 20 additional charging points will be introduced as part of Westminster Conservatives’ continuing work to improve air quality in the capital.

The move forms part of the Greener City Action Plan, a council initiative to make the city a more sustainable and liveable place to call home. Alongside the electric vehicle chargers, the plan includes encouraging car club use as an alternative to a private car use, reducing freight and waste vehicle movement, promoting more cycling and walking, eliminating vehicle engine idling and reducing emissions from buildings.

Councillor Heather Acton, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Parking, said: “Poor air quality is a continuing problem for us in Westminster, but we’re doing all we can to help improve our environment through our Greener City Action Plan.”

A Marylebone Low Emission Neighborhood has been established to trial new measures and help make real improvements to air quality in central London.