Vincent Square Matters October2016

TfL’s Quietway Scheme Continues to Cause Anger Amongst Residents

Many residents have contacted us in response to the recent consultation, registering their objection to aspects of TfL’s Quietway scheme, which will encourage cyclists to use the roads of Vincent Square Ward to escape main roads. The scheme will also encourage “rat running” by introducing two-way traffic on Douglas Street. 

This follows the introduction of the Cycle Superhighway on Vauxhaull Bridge Road and changes to traffic flows in Vincent Square Ward. 

Councillor Danny Chalkley, commented “We have been overwhelmed with objections from residents concerned about the impact of the scheme, if implemented. Your Conservative Councillors have raised concerns about the scheme since it was first considered and will ensure that resident’s views are fully taken into account by the Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Parking”. 

He continued, “We objected to the Superhighway from the outset and continue to press TfL to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists at the crossing by the White Swan pub before someone gets seriously hurt”.

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TfL Bow to Pressure from your Conservative Councillors and Introduce Enforcement

Finally, following months of pressing by your Councillors, TfL have agreed to introduce enforcement cameras to stop banned turns into the Ponsonbys from John Islip Street. The cameras will be live shortly. 

The banned turns were introduced following the introduction of the Cycle Superhighway on Vauxhall Bridge Road to stop traffic “rat running” and came following objections from residents and representations from your Councillors.

Drivers have been flouting the illegal turns many times a day and making life a misery for residents on Ponsonby Terrace and Ponsonby Place. 

Councillor David Harvey, reported “It was obvious that the Cycle Superhighway would generate “rat running” along the Ponsonbys which is why we demanded introduction of the banned turns in the first place. However, TfL have been very slow to enforce the change and ensure residents do not suffer. 

He added “On behalf of residents, we have made sure the Ponsonbys are not forgotten by TfL”

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News in Brief – Your Conservative Councillors Working Hard for Residents of Vincent Square

  • This month we have allocated some of our Ward Budget to fund a Chess Club for Children and Young People.
  • We have also provided funding to Neighbourhood Watch Hide Tower. Join here,
  • Following an outbreak of Bed Bugs at Dean Abbott House, we involved Westminster’s Environmental Health Officers and wrote to the Sanctuary Housing, demanding immediate action.
  • Following reports from residents, we ensured that Westminster’s Highways Team repaired a number of defective street lamps, ensuring the streets of Vincent Square are safe. Report broken street lights to your Councillors here,
  • Following our intervention, the defective guest shower at Dean Abbott House was repaired promptly, ensuring facilities for our elderly residents are in working order.
  • We have continued to alert Police and the Vincent Square Warden to incidents of begging and anti social behaviour on Horseferry Road.
  • Warning letters have been issued against the unsightly hoarding and skip on theAshley Place car park, attracting anti social behaviour and littering.
  • BT have been busy damaging pavements in Vincent Square and your Councillors have taken the matter up with the telecoms giant, demanding repairs. Let us know about damaged pavements here,
  • We have continued to monitor Kings Scholars Passage following the recent outbreak of rough sleeping, ensuring Westminster’s Rough Sleeping Team and the Police are working hard to get people off the streets and into support service.