Warwick Councillor visits tube site

Tube noise continues to be a challenging problem for some residents. Cllr Jacqui Wilkinson was pleased to have the opportunity to see works being carried out by Transport for London aimed at decreasing the impact of tube noise. In the early hours of 22nd August, she accompanied councillors from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to see works underway on the Central Line at Notting Hill Gate.

Cllr Wilkinson said “At this location, the noise from the tube passes through metal connectors between the rail and the sleepers into the ground, generating noise externally in the process. The purpose of the works was to detach and raise the rail, so that dampeners could be inserted between the rail and connectors, and hopefully preventing noise from being generated. It was a slow process and it will be interesting to find out in due course whether it is successful. Meanwhile, there is still no information from TfL about what they are proposing for the Victoria Line in Pimlico.”