WCC supports continuing operations to tackle anti-social behaviour

Our Neighbourhood police team, supported by the Council’s Integrated Street Engagement Unit, continues to work in the Edgware Road and Marble Arch area to tackle problems caused by rough sleepers, including those living in tents.

On 2nd February the team took extensive details from the group which regularly has to be moved on from outside Barclays Bank on Edgware Road. Previously, nine community protection notices were served on those engaged in begging in the area. Regular daytime and evening deployments continue.

Tent removal requires the council to apply to the courts before entering, but we are committed to working with the police to tackle these unauthorised shelters.

Cllr Ian Adams said: "Our council spends more than any other local authority to tackle rough sleeping involving those in real need – but we also know that the anti-social behaviour caused by elements of the street population with homes elsewhere is not acceptable." The council has recently secured an additional six police officers to focus solely on rough sleeping and associated anti-social behaviour. They will be 'embedded' within the Integrated Street Engagement Unit. 

Go to the Council's website to find out how to report a rough sleeper you are concerned about, and how you can give to the charities which help people off the streets. That’s a better way to help than giving cash.