Westminster-Wide 20mph speed limit

Conservative run Westminster is making our roads safer and greener by planning to introduce a City-wide 20mph speed limit. ​

This week, the Council launched a consultation on implementing a 20mph speed limit to cover the entirety of Westminster. ​

As a council we are committed to making Westminster one of the safest, cleanest and greenest cities in the country, and the introduction of a Westminster-wide 20mph zone is an important part of this. ​

20mph speed limits are already in place around 39 schools in Westminster, after residents in these areas raised concerns about safety and air pollution. Now we are asking residents across the entire City if they share these same concerns and want to see the expansion of this lower speed limit.​

Residents can let us know their thoughts by taking this short online survey: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WCC20mph/ 

Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Tim Mitchell said: “20mph speed limits are just one part of the Council’s work to tackle air pollution and improve the environment for pedestrians and communities, which also includes improving air quality around schools, creating a network of Active Streets, enhancing green space and much more.​

“The lower speed limits around schools has proved to be hugely popular with both residents and parents, so expanding these zones across Westminster is the next logical step, but we want to hear what local people think first”.​

The consultation runs until 10th December 2019.