Duke of York Pub and Street Drinking Update

Following complaints from local people about out-of-control street drinking around the Duke of York Pub and Tesco's in Circus Road on Lords Match Days, we have escalated the problem with Planning Enforcement who have now brokered a new management plan which we are confident will address the probl

Engine Idling #Don’tBeIdle

Westminster City Council has requested powers to issue instant fines without warning to drivers who are caught leaving their engines running unnecessarily.

More trees are coming to our community!

We have doubled the number of trees planted in the streets of Westminster over the past 25 years, with the aim of optimising canopy cover, bringing shade and air quality benefits, as well as mitigating climate change.

Two-Way Baker Street - Ongoing Monitoring

The Council will be undertaking the final traffic surveys that form part of the post-implementation monitoring strategy. Results from these surveys will then be analysed alongside the other survey data that has been collated since the switch to two-way operation.

Abbey Road Studios update

Managing one of London's most iconic - free - tourist attractions in the heart of our residential Abbey Road Ward, will always be a challenge.

Safer junctions on Edgware Road

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call for consultation responses about the plans to improve the junctions on Edgware Road around the flyover, Marks & Spenser and the tube station.

Moulin Rouge Café lose appeal, 63 Park Road

Your councillors have succeeded in protecting the amenity of residents living in a mansion block on Park Road from the unauthorised mix use by Moulin Rouge café including shisha smoking.

Greening Victoria

Local people may have attended recent meetings about the future of the Victoria area.