Update on drug operations across Warwick Ward

Sadly, we continue to receive reports of open drug dealing across the ward. When we see the dealing ourselves or hear from concerned residents, we liaise with our local dedicated police officer, PC Henderson and the specialist local gangs’ unit.

Expansion of Boxing Club for young people

Little Venice Councillors believe every child, including those with special educational needs, have the right to optimise their physical capabilities and through that their overall wellbeing. Children with special educational needs, experience anxiety, have fewer friends and are more likely to be

The Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood

The Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) project draws to a close, and we are seeking your participation in a short survey (eight questions) to evaluate the project here. Your participation in the survey will help us to improve our working practices on future schemes across the city.  

Water fountain restored

An Edwardian water fountain, dated 1903, in the southern part of the ward where Park Road meets Allsop Place, has been restored and connected to the water mains.

CCTV on the Hall Park Estate

New CCTV cameras have been installed on the Hall Park Estate. We believe that the presence of these cameras will improve the security of the area and act as a deterrent to individuals causing anti-social behaviour and nuisance. The cameras are not monitored on a continuous basis, but their footag

Gully replacement in Little Venice

We have followed up a number of issues about various blocked gullies along Sutherland Avenue over recent years. Rain water flows off the road surface into the gullies and large puddles can be caused when these gullies are blocked.

Footway improvements on Randolph Avenue

Works have started on replacing the pavements on Randolph Avenue between Sutherland Avenue and Clifton Road. Both sides will be replaced over the coming months. It is a large area and home to many residents within the ward. This was one of the projects nominated by your ward councillors and, whil

Progress on Air Quality

Conservative run Westminster City Council is taking drastic action to improve air quality in our city.

The Conservatives won a majority at the last local election on a platform of making Westminster one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the UK, and we’re keeping this promise.