Lancaster Gate Matters December 2016

Tackling waste all year round

Refuse collection and dumping around Lancaster Gate has been a hot topic over recent weeks. 

Early morning lights at the Cock and Bottle

We received complaints about the light pollution from the Cock and Bottle pub early in the morning. Following an email exchange the General Manager of the Pub has promised to ensure that external lighting is only switched on during the pub opening hours. ​

Reporting Back: Local business rates campaign

Our next major campaign will be to fight for our local retailers as they face a threatened hike in business rates with the Rating Revaluation.  Many people don't understand that the Local Authority merely serves as a collecting agent for Government for this tax and we are very concerned at curren

Colonnades open space complete

We're delighted that the open area outside the Colonnades has been completed. The space is looking a lot greener, open and welcoming.

Reporting Back: William Court planning proposals

Cllr Peter Freeman met recently with local residents concerned by the proposals to redevelop the rear of the building at William Court.  Following the formal consultation, the developers have now taken on board local opinions and will be representing a revised proposal to WCC's Planning Departmen

Cycle Superhighway (CS11) Update

Following the awaited publication of TfL's response to the public consultation on CS11 which is proposed to install a dedicated cycle lane from Swiss Cottage to Portland Place, including changes to Regents Park, you may find the detail here:

Keeping Bayswater clean and tidy

The Bayswater City Inspector is John Moorhead. He has ensured a number of actions have been taken over the last few months.