Council defends local heritage in Hyde Park

Your council has successfully prosecuted people who damage our historic buildings.Three defendants must pay over £93,000 after they removed the roof, walls, floors and chimney breasts from a grade II listed 1830s Georgian building in Star Street without consent.

New levy on basements to fund enforcement

Income raised from a new Westminster Council levy will pay for a dedicated enforcement team to protect residents during construction by monitoring noise, working hours and truck deliveries.

Enforcing the Rules for the Neighbourhood

Over the summer months, Hyde Park ward always has an influx of tourists and the numbers and economic wealth in the area can attract unwelcome activity. Your Councillors have worked with partners to take action against anti social behaviour. 

Report It!

We all have a role to play in keeping our streets clean and tidy. If you see a problem, let us know using the council's Report It tool. You can report something on your phone or at home on your computer. It takes minutes and lets us know exactly what's wrong.

Bayswater Matters September 2016

Bayswater Councillors support Westbourne Park Family Centre

Bayswater ward Councillors are continuing to support the work of the Westbourne Park Family Centre with funds from their ward budget.

Regent's Park Matters September 2016

A planning application has been submitted to Westminster City Council (WCC) for the creation of a North Westminster Eruv which effectively is the construction of a boundary of poles and wires allowing Orthodox Jews to travel freely in this designated area on the Sabbath.