West End Matters September2016

Managing the impact on the night tube on the West End

Recent weeks have seen the launch of the first night tubes in London, on the Victoria and Central lines.

Marylebone High Street Matters September 2016

Councillors provide motorcycle courier solution

Your Councillors have succeeded in changing the motorcycle bay in Porter Street to a pay to park bay and the pay to park bay in Baker Street will become a motorcycle bay.

Churchill Matters September 2016

Try Something New on Silver Sunday

Silver Sunday on 2nd October is part of a national day for people aged 65 and over. It's a great chance to try something new and have an enjoyable time.

Abandoned car - gone at last

We know residents were upset that it took so long to get rid of this eyesore on Radnor Place. Many of you reported it to us and were understandably annoyed at how the vehicle attracted anti-social behaviour.