Update on Glastonbury House

A huge amount of work is being done in Glastonbury House, the tall building at the top of Warwick Way which provides sheltered housing for our older residents. The work in this Council-run block includes installation of a sprinkler system, replacement of external cladding, creation of an indoor s

Hanging baskets return to the High Street

Your local Councillors are once again supporting the installation of hanging baskets on the High Street both over the summer and winter periods by funding these from the local ward budget. We hope by bringing a bit of colour to the street this will help in some small way our local shops.

Lessons from the SWAT team in Lancaster Gate

The council’s Street Waste Action Team (SWAT) spent several weeks in the ward during April and May, focusing on public education and enforcement against fly-tipping.

Reporting suspicious behaviour to the police

We are often asked by residents about the best way to report suspicious behaviour to the Police. We have consulted them and been told that if a crime is in the process of taking place then you should ring ‘999’. If the offence has happened, then you should ring ‘101’. 

Black Bins - We Asked, You answered

In our recent e-newsletter, we asked for your views on whether you would like the Council to remove the black bins for waste and recycling in Pimlico and concentrate instead on the twice weekly on-street refuse collections only.

Whiteleys demolition noise

A large number of local people, across a wide area, have been reporting a mysterious tapping and banging noise ‘like a washing machine on spin cycle’, starting at 8am and ending by 6.30pm.

Electric vehicles and car sharing

Given the increased media attention to environmental issues, we are frequently asked about what WCC is doing to help. We have a range of initiatives including providing more electric vehicle charging points than any other London borough.

Striving to improve Pimlico's air quality

We share residents’ concerns about the poor air quality in Pimlico. We are delighted that the Council’s #DontBeIdle campaign to persuade more drivers to turn off their engines while parked at the kerb is going from strength to strength.