Susie Burbridge

Susie was elected as a councillor in 1998 whilst continuing to work in Parliament. She grew up in Yorkshire with her six brothers and sisters and left for London at the age of 24 to open a travel business. She is very much a family person and has a son and daughter. Her fathers words: "stop complaining and do something" still ring clearly in her ears. Before leaving her job in Parliament she worked on many projects including getting more women into politics and organised the first plaque in the House of Commons to a women; a suffragette Marjorie Hume who fought for the right of women to vote. She often spends more than 60 hours a week on her council duties much of this being spent in Lancaster Gate on local ward issues.She is a member of both Planning and Licensing committees, Chairman of The Discretionary Housing Panel; Board member of CWH - which the council is bringing back inhouse.

She is passionate about fairness, justice and opportunities for for all.  When serving as Lord Mayor her charities were: Veterans Aid (ex servicemens charity) Mayhew Animal Home, Kidscape (a charity that helps child bullying) and Eaves (a charity for victims of trafficking and prostitution).  She has many interests amongst them are the environment and animal welfare. Her present challenges are to campaign to get rid of non biological plastic bags and bottles; bring back glass bottles with a deposit system. Susie welcomes the Council's voluntary contribution initiative. She would like to push for more council tax bands at the high end to ensure that those with the most expensive homes pay a fairer contribution.

She brings enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to local residents, businesses and Westminster. Her passion and energies are firmly rooted in Lancaster Gate and developing Westminster into a great place to live and work.

Telephone: 020 7730 8181


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Westminster Matters: Leader's Update March 2019

Westminster Matters: An update from Cllr Nickie Aiken, Leader of Westminster City Council

It has been an incredibly busy time since I last updated you on the work of Conservative-run Westminster City Council.

A supporting hand for those sleeping on the streets

Sadly we continue to see an increase in the number of rough sleepers on our streets. Westminster attracts more than the next four boroughs combined. Being the “capital of the capital” has always meant more people bedding down on our streets.

Council implements leafing clearing plan

You may have noticed that our trees have started to shed their leaves. From 5th November, Westminster City County began implementing its ‘Leafing Plan’.

Armistice Remembrance

The weekend of 9th – 11th November saw Westminster Council commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War. As a Council, we work very closely with the Armed Forces supporting a number of initiatives.

Improving care at home when you need it

We want to make sure all our elderly get the best care possible. Westminster City Council set up a new team earlier this year to work both with organisations providing care for people at home, and with residential care homes.

Leader's Update October 2018

Dear resident

Four months ago, the people of Westminster had their say in the hardest fought local election for many years. I am delighted and humbled that they overwhelmingly chose to put their trust once again in the local Conservatives to run their council.