A safer City for everyone


We will campaign to protect our local police from the station closures and cuts by Labour’s Mayor in City Hall.

Westminster Conservatives will continue to campaign to secure the resources needed to police the iconic West End as well as our neighbourhoods.

We will work very closely with our borough’s senior officers and local neighbourhood police teams to ensure Westminster remains the safe and pleasant place to live, work and visit.

We will continue to tackle anti-social behaviour head-on whenever it raises its ugly head.

Pledge: Support our neighbourhood Police Teams.

We will continue to lobby the Mayor to ensure our local police teams are on our streets, based in the heart of our neighbourhoods.

We have already offered to provide office space for local police teams in the south of the borough if the Mayor insists on closing Belgravia Police Station.

Pledge: We will continue to work with the police and local people to ensure we curb anti-social behaviour in its tracks.

Pledge: We will tackle rogue landlords.

We will continue to tackle rogue landlords through our recently established Housing Task Force to protect those living in privately rented properties from unacceptable living conditions and ensure those who choose to rent their homes via AirBnB or other platforms do so responsibly and within the 90-day limit.

Pledge: We will make our streets safer.

Where there is local demand we will consult neighbourhoods on introducing 20mph speed limits to improve road safety and air quality.

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