Ultrafast Broadband for Soho

Westminster City Council (WCC) and Community Fibre are pleased to announce the roll out of “ultrafast” broadband across Soho. Following the initial connection of Ingestre Court, William Blake House, and Kemp House, over the last year, the company is expanding the footprint of their service to cover the area bordered by Regent Street, Wardour Street, Brewer Street and Great Marlborough Street.

The faster, cheaper services will be available to residents and businesses. Current Community Fibre services range from £20 per month for 40 MB/sec services (compared to £30 per month with BT1) to £50 per month for 1,000 MB/sec – or 1 Gigabit – speeds2. Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, defines ultrafast as being above 300MB/sec, which BT does not currently offer to most residents in Soho.

Conservative Councillor Jonathan Glanz is WCC’s lead for Broadband. He has pushed hard for the new ultrafast broadband service and welcomes the announcement,

“Conservative-led Westminster City Council has campaigned for ultrafast broadband to be rolled out across our city for several years. We have worked with Community Fibre and other potential providers to bring this service to local residents. This will open up a wealth of opportunities everyone who lives here and local businesses who need ultrafast connections to be competitive.”

The WCC lead for Soho and local resident is Conservative Councillor Timothy Barnes, who also welcomed the new service,
“BT has been the only option for most residents of Soho and their service has suffered from poor speeds and reports of terrible reliability. The Community Fibre option will bring competition, lower prices and faster service for all residents and businesses in the area.”

Community Fibre is working with major Landowners including Shaftesbury plc and Soho Housing Association to ensure that residents have the benefit of connectivity fit for the 21st-century.

The new service is expected to be available by the end of the year. If you want to be kept up to date with developments and learn when the services launch, please register below. 

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