The future of Sussex Street

Tell us your views on making Sussex Street play area better

Sussex Street play area is an old WWII bomb site that has received little attention. Until a few years ago, it was run as an after-school play area, however, it was not widely used and was therefore let to a local school on a short-term basis whilst plans were drawn up for longer-term use.

One of our manifesto pledges was to open up the site as a publicly accessible green space. We want to hear from you about what you would like to see in the space, as it is really important to us that what is built represents the desires and needs of local people. We are concerned that, with the drive for social housing, one of the few opportunities for green space in Pimlico will be lost.

Plans for Pimlico's Sussex Street play area

Please let us know your views so that we can present the desires of local people to Westminster City Council to help us secure funding for the transformation of the site into a publicly accessible green space for all!

Sussex Street Play Area

How important is clean accessible outdoor space, within walking distance, to you?
Do you back the campaign to tidy up Sussex Gardens?
What's the single most important thing to you about redesigning Sussex Gardens?
How would you like the area enclosed?