E-bikes and E-scooters

Local people are expressing concern about the lack of enforcement regarding 'personal transportation devices’. 

Your Councillors are deeply concerned about ever-increasing dangerous cycling, e-scooters on pavements and riders shooting across pedestrian crossings ignoring the safety of people walking. We regularly raise this issue with Council Officers and the Police. The Police have told us that enforcement action is planned in the worst areas. Riders will be stopped and fined

E-bikes and e-scooters must be used responsibly without increasing the risk and danger to others. The operators Dott, Human Forest, Lime and TIER are participating in an e-scooter and e-cycle time limited trial.

Report Abandoned Bikes

When you come across dumped e-bikes obstructing footways, please contact the Council and the appropriate company as below. You can also let us know.

Dott : Call 0800 048 8993 or email.

Human Forest : Call 020 8157 7491 or visit their website.

Lime : Call 0800 808 5223 or email.

TIER : Call 0808 164 9486 or email.

Our MP Nickie Aiken is lobbying the Department for Transport to update the code of practice relating to parking of e-scooters and cycles. Nickie has written to the Minister for Transport calling for the code to reflect the unintended consequences of poor parking.

Back Nickie's Campaign and email her your photos of the good and bad parking of dockless rental bikes so she can work with the Department for Transport ahead of the next Transport Bill and hold rental companies to account.

Back Nickie's campaign