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GLA Conservatives' publish Cost of Khan report

Last week saw GLA Conservatives published The Cost of Khan; a comprehensive report totting up the failed policies, broken promises and endless spin of the first two years of Sadiq Khan's mayoralty. As a half-term report, it makes grim reading.

The Future of Oxford Street

The letter below was sent yesterday to several residents societies from the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet member for Placeshapping and Planning, providing an update on the future of Oxford Street. 

Dear Resident 

Election victory is a vindication of switching parties

I’m honoured to have been re-elected as Conservative member for Churchill ward. It’s a great privilege to serve on Westminster City Council and I cannot overstate just how humbled I am to be back for another term.

Delivering Connectivity to the West End

The West End needs the best and fastest connectivity for residents and businesses.

Fibre is coming to homes and offices and new connections are being made every day. We will do more to facilitate this essential utility.

We pledge to:

Removing fly-posting in Regent's Park

Posters, signs and stickers put up without permission is unsightly and blight an area especially within the Conservation area of St John’s Wood.