Local News

Cracking down on fly-tipping in Little Venice

With its twice weekly bin and recycling collections as well as regular street cleaning, Little Venice is one of the cleanest parts of London. Fly tipping has fallen year on year in Westminster since 2013, unlike the rest of the UK.

Forcing telecommunications companies to clean up

We are forcing BT and other telecoms companies to clean up their act in Lancaster Gate. We have recently reported telephone boxes on Queensway and at the junction of Porchester Terrace and Leinster Place, which have been left dirty and covered in graffiti and asked BT to clean them up. We have al

Combating rubbish and fly-tipping in Lancaster Gate

The irresponsible dumping of rubbish is a real problem in a few areas around the Lancaster Gate ward, but your Lancaster Gate Ward Conservative Councillors are determined to deal with the problem.

Keep clear road marking - Alpha Close

Residents living in Hanover Gate Mansions and Palgrave Gardens contacted your local Councillors about the difficulty they had been experiencing of exiting from Alpha Close onto Park Road (A41) given the increase in vehicles traffic on this busy A road. Your Councillors contacted Transport of Lond

Tackling crime in Bayswater together

We have seen crime rise in the local area and are working with the police to tackle it, especially the surge in burglaries we’ve seen recently in the ward. We have some good news to share.