Councillors respond to reports of people feed pigeons near Sussex Street

We have been receiving reports of residents feeding pigeons in the Grid, particularly near Sussex St.  This can be harmful to the birds, the environment, health and buildings.

  • Additional food for pigeons, particularly bread, is bad for them. Bread does not contain the necessary protein and fat birds need from their diet and can result in serious vitamin deficiencies.
  • Food left on the ground attracts rats and other vermin. A big problem in London.
  • Pigeons are a health hazard to the public and associated with a variety of diseases.
  • Pigeon droppings are visually unappealing and can erode metal and stonework.

Warwick Ward Councillors are meeting with council officers to discuss what, if any action can be taken to persuade those residents who do persist in feeding pigeons. We will update you next month.