Dockless bikes in Pimlico

There have been a growing number of ‘dockless’ or electric power-assisted cycles being left around Pimlico, particularly near Victoria Station over recent months. These are not the “Boris Bikes” which are easily accessible across the city, but often orange, yellow or green branded bikes just left on the pavement. Although Westminster promotes active and sustainable journeys and encourages people to walk and cycle, it has not given the multiple dockless cycle hire operators including oBike, Mobike and Lime Bike permission to operate within the City. 

Due to the limited space on the highway and the extremely high footfall from 247,000 residents as well as the 1.1 million daily visitors, dockless operators and their bikes can cause an obstruction and nuisance to the public highway. Our City Inspectors are actively reporting these bicycles directly to the operators for removal. Dockless operators have assured our officers that there will be increased deployment of on-street patrols to ensure faster response for removing bicycles.