Election victory is a vindication of switching parties

I’m honoured to have been re-elected as Conservative member for Churchill ward. It’s a great privilege to serve on Westminster City Council and I cannot overstate just how humbled I am to be back for another term.

I see my re-election as vindication of my decision to leave Jeremy Corbyn’s regime and to join the Conservatives, the new party of the radical centre.

Voters across Westminster rejected Labour’s nasty politics of class hatred, division, shrill anger and envy, choosing instead to support the Conservatives.

Under Nickie Aiken’s leadership we’ve developed a set of policies which combine our traditional commitment to low taxes and great local ser­vices with genuinely progressive Conservative initiatives – an ambitious house-building prog­ramme, voluntary council tax community contribu­tion, establish­ment of #MyWestminster fund, changes to planning policy requiring 35 per cent on-site affordable housing, robust measures to tackle pollution, and so on.

By contrast Labour’s political platform offered no credible solutions and seemed to reflect the agenda of far-left activists and Momentum ideologues. Jeremy Corbyn visited my ward during the campaign, as did Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Yet Labour still managed to lose a seat here. Having thrown the kitchen sink at this election Labour gained just three new seats on the council. These results speak volumes.

Conservative, Churchill ward

This letter was originally published in the Camden Journal.  Click here to find out more.