EV Charging Points in Marylebone

There are now 58 Ubitricity lamp column electric charging points in the Low Emission Neighbourhood, which is an increase from 27 in April. 

New charge points are going live into the following streets this month:

  • 3 in each of Broadley Street, Devonshire Place, Fitzhardinge Street and in Harewood Place.
  • 1 in Manchester Square
  • 2 in New Cavendish Street
  • 7 in Seymour Street
  • 3 in each of Upper Wimpole Street, Weymouth Street and in York Street

31 new charge points in total

New signs on the columns will indicate the EV charging points. At present the Council is asking drivers to be considerate when charging their vehicles and not use the bays as a parking bay. The council will be looking at more dedicated EV bays in the long-term.