More drug dealing on our streets

Sadly, drugs have made an unwelcome return to our streets. Perhaps they never truly went away. We have received a number of emails from concerned residents who are witnessing drug dealing on a daily basis. It’s particularly bad around Warwick and Eccleston Squares, St Gabriel’s Church and Hugh Street. 

We continue to work with local people, council officers and local police teams to ensure the most up to date information is being passed on. There have been dozens of arrests but with the extensive County Lines networks of drug gangs there is always another young dealer available to take over a patch.

Nickie Aiken explains: "This is an issue that is affecting every part of London. I am working with both the local police but also the Met’s high command to ensure that the intense work against these gangs doesn’t stop. We need to get tougher with the gang leaders who prey not only vulnerable addicts but also young people to peddle their drugs."