Street Drinking following T20 Matches at Lords

Together with our Regents Park Councillors, we are working with Lords Cricket, St John's Wood Society, the Duke of York Pub, Tesco's (Circus Road), Licensing Officers at City Hall and local residents to investigate a Licence Review following out-of-control street drinking and unsupervised crowds spilling onto the Public Highway at the junction with Circus Road and the High Street.  

In spite of the successful negotiation of the employment of six additional stewards to manage the post-match crowds, it is clear that further enforcement is required to prevent public nuisance to local residents which includes excessive noise, urination in Cochrane Mews and general detritus on the streets the following morning.  

Please contact us if you have witnessed these problems and be sure to add your voice to the Report It section on the WCC portal so that the Licensing Committee Members will be fully and fairly briefed to assess the scale of the problem, if and when a Licence Review is heard.