20mph trial launched across Westminster

20mph speed limits are being introduced at up to 40 schools and across 2 residential areas over the next year. This trial is part of our drive to create a safer, healthier and more pleasant environment.

Chepstow Road resurface helps reduce road noise

We're delighted that Chepstow Road has now been resurfaced. We've heard from residents that the buses moving on the uneven surface created intolerable noise, particularly in the summer when windows are open.

Pavement improvement works on Porchester Square

We’re pleased to see that work is underway on re-laying the damaged footpath on Porchester Square.

This is part of the council’s planned maintenance scheme and is improving the eastern end of Porchester Square, facing Gloucester Terrace and close to Ranelagh Bridge. 

Cleaning up dog fouling

Every dog owner has a duty to clean up after their dog in public places however not everyone does and this is incredibly frustrating and annoying for our residents.  We have the potential at the Council to issue an £80 fixed penalty but often it is not easy to catch the offenders. 

Reporting Back: Drains fixed near City of Westminster College

We regularly hear about pools of water being left after a major rain shower.  One of the most persistent ‘ponding problems’ was fixed earlier this year with the new section of pavement and road realignment on Sutherland Avenue.  Another problem area has been at Paddington Green in front of City o

Canalway Cavalcade

Over the first May bank holiday weekend Little Venice Ward was very proud to host another year of Canalway Cavalcade organised by Inland Waterways.

Coaches dropping off in Baker Street

Coaches provide an integral and vital part of London’s transport network with routes from around the country coming into the Capital with many passing through St John’s Wood.  A large number of coaches from Green Line to National Express make a stop in the southern part of our ward on Baker Stree