About the ward 

Bayswater is on the western edge of the City of Westminster. It is bordered to the north by Wesbourne, Lancaster Gate to the south and Hyde Park to the east. The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea borders Bayswater to the west.

The ward is currently represented by two Conservative councillors; Richard Elcho and Emily Payne, as well as a Labour Councillor. 

Richard and Emily host a monthly surgery on the second Tuesday of every month Paddington Library, Porchester Rd, London, W2 5HS.

No appointment necessary.

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Richard Elcho

Richard Elcho has lived in Bayswater for nearly thirty years.  As a result, Richard knows our area very well, is deeply attached to it, and is keen to protect its heritage. Richard works as a lawyer in the Employment Tribunal where he helps workers to enforce their rights.

Emily Payne

Emily Payne has spent most of her life living in Bayswater. She is a local school governor and works as a project manager.


Westminster-Wide 20mph speed limit

Conservative run Westminster is making our roads safer and greener by planning to introduce a City-wide 20mph speed limit. ​

This week, the Council launched a consultation on implementing a 20mph speed limit to cover the entirety of Westminster. ​

Policing Matters in Bayswater

We attended the meeting arranged by those living in the Artesian grid, listening to their concerns about security and policing. This is an issue we continue to take seriously and liaise with the police regularly on.

Improving Air Quality

Pollution is the hidden threat, impacting our physical and mental health, effecting children and the elderly most.

Council Trials Electric Bin Lorries

In a London-first, Conservative-led Westminster City Council is trialling two electric powered waste collection vehicles over the next two years.

Whiteley's update

We are continuing to work with residents regarding the disturbance from the demolition of the concrete slabs at Whiteley’s (the repeated banging noise in the area). As a consequence, from the 22nd July to 23rd August a different quiet time was trialled, which included a later start time but a sho

Update on Heathrow

Locals are banding together to fight the Heathrow third runway and increased use of the existing two runways. The public consultation on Heathrow’s expansion plans concludes on the 13th September. 

Notting Hill Carnival Update

The Notting Hill Carnival is approaching this weekend, with over 1 million attendees it is the world’s second biggest street carnival.

News in brief from Bayswater

Planning is already under way for the Notting Hill Carnival and we have met with the events team and successfully advocated for the addition of more loos across the wider Bayswater area which should ease the impact on local people.

Organised Begging in Bayswater

Organised begging by a gang of Roma continues to be a concern across Bayswater and the wider Westminster. We have been repeatedly escalating this issue to the Council who have initiated their response programme. This has recently included a series of ongoing targeted joint operations, involving t