Residents report. BDS Councillors respond

We have supported residents in tackling rough sleeping within the Ward through local walkabouts with the Police, and through highlighting the correct procedure to ensure that safeguarding responsibilities are observed. The first step in dealing with rough sleeping problems is to report your concerns to Streetlink who coordinate services and support. The emergency services should be contacted if rough sleepers are under 18 years old or in need of urgent medical attention.

Your Councillors obtained a Noise Abatement Order (NAO) issued to Chiltern Railways, requiring a reduction in noise from Passenger Announcements. This arose from recent revision of Chiltern’s speaker-system has been causing severe inconvenience and distress to residents across a wide area around the station. Residents raised concerns about parties and gatherings on top of North West House which posed a risk to privacy and safety; Councillor Arzymanow promptly drew this to the attention of the Council’s Planning Enforcement team, who established that inappropriate use of this space had occurred.

Your Councillors have continued to raise concerns during "Licencing" walkabouts, to ensure that businesses are compliant and respectful to residents on matters such as noise, shisha and waste management. We are aware of an abandoned car in Wyndham Street, and have begun the process to get it removed. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to tow it away instantly. To start the removal process abandoned vehicles can also be reported online by visiting We arranged for a collapsed road on Stourcliffe Street to be fixed within 24 hours, protecting our residents’ safety and preventing damage to vehicles. Please continue to report your concerns!