Whiteley's update

We are continuing to work with residents regarding the disturbance from the demolition of the concrete slabs at Whiteley’s (the repeated banging noise in the area). As a consequence, from the 22nd July to 23rd August a different quiet time was trialled, which included a later start time but a shorter lunch break. We have expressed our dissatisfaction to the Whiteley’s team about how this has been handled and the unacceptable impact on residents and businesses. 

The next Community Liaison Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday 5th September, we believe this should take place in the Small Hall at Porchester Hall, but are waiting for details to be confirmed (check our social media pages to be kept up to date).  

Councillors Richard Elcho and Emily Payne will be meeting with the Whiteley’s team next week to discuss the issue, please do get in touch to let us know how it is progressing.