Working Together - Our Local Response

Councillor Richard Elcho and Emily Payne have worked quickly to put in place a local response, including support groups, telephone partnering, Local shopping deliveries and entertainment.

We have set up street by street WhatsApp groups and are running email updates for those who do not have WhatsApp. The purpose of these are to look after our neighbours, share the latest news and updates and coordinate those in need of support with local volunteers.

A number of residents will be increasingly isolated during this period so we have set up telephone partnering where local residents will be partnered to ring those who might be more isolated to check that they have everything they need and for a chat.

We have arranged with Waitrose and Bens for local deliveries, using volunteers, for those who are vulnerable or self isolating. We hope to extend this to other supermarkets and providers soon. We are also providing volunteers to pick up prescriptions. We are also able to provide some financial assistance for essentials for those who experiencing financial difficulties.

We have set up a local entertainment group who will be providing information of online activities and events that people can get involved with to keep us engaged, fit and healthy during this period.

 To learn more, volunteer or request help for any of the above please contact Cllr Emily Payne on 07899 299856 (text or WhatsApp is preferred where possible) or by email.