Stabbing at Regent’s Park Mosque

On Thursday, 20th February a man in his 70s was stabbed at London Central Mosque, Park Road which is in our ward. A suspect is currently in custody and being questioned by police. 

More drug dealing on our streets

Sadly, drugs have made an unwelcome return to our streets. Perhaps they never truly went away. We have received a number of emails from concerned residents who are witnessing drug dealing on a daily basis.

Dolphin Square Update

The owners of Dolphin Square have decided to appeal Westminster’s decision to reject their major works planning application.

BDS Air quality

Chiltern Railways Action Day

Chiltern Railways are planning an Air Quality Action Day on 2nd March at Marylebone Station. They plan to engage with taxi-drivers and other users of the Marylebone Station forecourt and feeder-ranks, on the subject of idling and air-quality. 

Bayswater Planning Update

We are happy to report that the plans for a towering eyesore at 5 King Street have been rejected by the council, these have been referred to the Mayor of London who we hope will endorse the Council’s decision.

Fighting Fly Tipping Together

From pavements to corridors, fly-tipping includes anything from a bag of rubbish to bulky unwanted or broken household items.

Unfortunately, fly tipping is a common problem as reported recently to your Councillors by a resident inside Townshend Estate.  

Policing in Bayswater

Policing and safety are a concern and we started off the year with reports of a number of alarming incidences. Policing and security is the responsibility of the police but we can liaise on your behalf. 

Proposed development in the Boundary Estate

As part of Westminster's Infil Programme to turn underutilised spaces throughout the City into much needed affordable homes you are invited to public drop-in consultation sessions to view and comment on the proposals redevelop the hardstanding area next to Whitby and Dale House.