Our Manifesto


Westminster is a great place to live - from Pimlico to Queen’s Park, Bayswater to St James’s. We are all proud of its vibrant neighbourhoods, mixed communities and green spaces in the heart of London. We are seeking a mandate at these elections to improve the lives of the people weserve by creating the best city environment in Europe – the cleanest, greenest and healthiest place to live and work, underpinned by great value local services. We start with a strong record, and the pledges set out in this manifesto explain how we can build on our record for the benefit of everyone who calls Westminster their home. The success of Westminster Council is built upon Conservative values of efficient and effective delivery, care for the vulnerable and listening to local people. Surveys consistently tell us that nearly nine out of ten residents are satisfied with local

Voters have a clear choice on 3rd May: to vote Conservative and keep the best local services and the lowest Council Tax in the country OR to vote Labour and risk losing the services you have come to expect while paying more.

If re-elected Westminster Conservatives’ priorities will be to:

  • Protect your excellent services and low council tax
  • Ensure our city becomes even cleaner, greener and healthier
  • Look after our most vulnerable and strive to improve the lives of everyone
  • Strengthen the voice of residents through open and transparent government


A personal message from Nickie Aiken

Excellent local services

A cleaner, greener, healthier City

Action on air quality

A safer City for everyone 

The next generation: our children and young people

Supporting the elderly and vulnerable

A City for everyone

Helping the homeless

Securing our technological future

Giving residents a voice on Oxford Street proposals

City West Homes 

Openness and transparency

A record of action: Judge us on our record

Our plan for the next four years